Press Release

As of January 22, 2013, Internet Bay Communications, Inc. is now a division of As part of this acquisition, we are working with current GoiBay customers to transition them into the site. We are excited to announce this venture and the new features that current GoiBay customers will be receiving soon.

We have contacted many of the current GoiBay customers and will be calling each and everyone of you to discuss the transition and the new features coming soon. Below are a few of the innovative changes coming to your site.

Introducing Adversite™ Mobile Ready

Your Adversite™ (coming mid 2013 is much more flexible than your .com website and comes packed with everything you need to connect with your customers in real time.  Virtually any skill level can manage it and if you want, you can chose to have it duplicate exactly what your .com website looks like.  Need to change the Ad Category? You can do that too.  Bring your Adversite™ to life and change the entire look and content to compliment other advertising mediums and capture sales leads immediately.  Either way, it comes Mobile Ready and will always look amazing whether it’s on a tablet or 4″ smartphone, thanks to our automatic mobile site converter.

Cyber Sales AdMobile Ready

Part of your Adversite™, this Cyber Sales Ad is Category Flexible and works like your best employee full of valuable information. No more relying solely on Search Engine Optimization placement, Keywords, and shelling out big bucks only to be 1 of “about 154,000 results (0.31 seconds)”  You control the category, the content, and connect with customers in real time.  And just like a good sales person, this Ad delivers important information to your customers so they can make immediate buying decisions about your products and services.  ”This isn’t pay phone Yellow Pages”

Adversite™ – Your 24 x 7 Salesperson

Imagine a Sales Rep that works 24 x 7, they work in any marketing and advertising category you need, they always have updated and important information about your business, and best of all they do all of this for the low price of FREE!